Saturday, June 13, 2009

Latest News

  • We have another great item going on the auction block: A framed Serenity poster signed by the Joss-man himself!

  • For all auction items, we'll accept PayPal, so bring your mobile device and bid high!

  • We are thrilled to announce our special guests: Heather Fagan and Michael Dougherty from Browncoats: Redemption. They'll tell us about the upcoming movie and the great charities the film will benefit, and will give us a sneak peek at the movie.

  • While the online store is closed, we will have several items for sale at the event, including some unique items we have special permission from Joss to offer!

  • If you ordered items form our online store, please remember to bring your receipt to the Pre-sales table to pick up your order.

  • Don't forget, get your tickets soon!

  • Doors open at 12:30. You'll want to arrive early to get good seats!
Only two weeks until the party! See you there!

1 comment:

Ruthie said...

Sold out!?! Ack! My friend and I really wanted to go. Anybody holding extra tickets? All I need is 2, please -