Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CSTS 2010!

The Global and Local teams are hard at work getting things organized for this summer's shindig. We'll have more details in mid-March, but some teasers:
  • This year will be a two-day event!
  • We'll have a balloted costume contest, so get your costumes together
  • Look out for an online auction of some great items
  • Like last year, you'll be able to pre-order T-shirts and other goodies
That's it for now. Thanks for your continued support!

NOTE: We're looking for sponsors for the event. If you (or your company) are interested in sponsoring the screening, please let us know!


Erin said...

Have there been any updates yet? My friends are all waiting (im)patiently to know when we can buy our tickets. Thanks!

CSTS Arlington said...

Sorry this got hung up in the system! Details are slowly coming together.